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Fecha September 5 2021 5 de septiembre 2021 9:29 AM

Date September 5 2021 5 de septiembre 2021

Never-Before-Seen Pictures of La Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo’s Mexico City Home 6

It’s where Frida Kahlo was born, where she grew up, and where she returned as her career as a world-famous artist flourished at the same time as her marriage with Diego Rivera fell apart.

And it’s where, at the age of 47, she died from pulmonary embolism after a painful life plagued with health problems.

My 2 cents opinion: Kahlo’s life is an example of resiliency and creativity in spite of adversity./h6>

Mi opinión:La vida de Kahlo es un ejemplo de resistencia y creatividad a pesar de la adversidad.