Blog September 12 2021   #1

Blog September 12 2021 #1

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Fecha: Blog 12 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 12 2021

The law establishes a kind of bounty system. If these vigilante plaintiffs are successful, the law allows them to collect cash judgments of $10,000 — and their legal fees — from those they sue. If they lose, they do not have to pay the defendants’ legal costs.1


My 2 cents opinion: Opinion: And thanks to the Supreme Court, a new industry was created. Catching pregnant women who do not want to give birth. Ten thousand dollars for every womb caught. If the hunter is succesful government will pay to get a lawyer for so as not to let that be an obstacle. America is indeed the land of the entrepeneur. No need to manufacture a product, just create a service that no one requested: apprehending pregnant women.

Mi opinión: Y gracias a la Corte Suprema, se creó una nueva industria. Atrapar a mujeres embarazadas que no quieren dar a luz. Diez mil dólares por cada útero capturado. Si el cazador tiene exito, el gobierno le pagará para que consiga un abogado de forma gratuita. Estados Unidos es, de hecho, la tierra del emprendedor. No es necesario fabricar un producto, solo crear un servicio que nadie solicitó: aprehender a mujeres embarazadas.


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