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Blog September 22 2021 #1

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Fecha: Blog 22 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 22 2021 #1

Pressure Grows on U.S. Companies to Share Covid Vaccine Technology
As President Biden hosts a Covid-19 summit today, American drug companies are being urged to share their formulas with nations that need more shots.
Primarily in the spotlight is Moderna, the upstart biotech firm that accepted $2.5 billion in taxpayer money to develop its vaccine.1

My 2 cents opinion: In modern times, the world has become smaller and interrelated. Avoiding the general health of other nations in the world is primitive.

Mi opinión: En los tiempos modernos el mundo esta mas pequeño e interrelacionado. Mirar a otro lado y evitar la salud general de otras naciones es una forma primitiva de ver el mundo.


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