Blog September 22 2021   #5

Blog September 22 2021 #5

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Fecha: Blog 22 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 22 2021 #5

Dominican car audio culture, notorious in New York. It is often parodied on TikTok, capturing the tragicomedy of living in this city. “Me trying to fall asleep in NYC,” a caption will typically read, as pounding bass bludgeons an unsuspecting sleeper out of bed.5

If you live in certain parts of New York, this is all too familiar. It is the sound of bachata, dembow and merengue típico infiltrating every city crevice on the weekends until the cops try to shut the music down, and an after-hours game of cat and mouse commences. It is a secret world of pleasure and protest, made blaringly public.

My 2 cents opinion: No doubt these people are creative and resourceful. Unfortunately, in a city, if you blast stadium-sized speakers playing Dominican popular music, many will be offended. Let’s hope they find a compromise solution.

Mi opinión: Sin duda, los entusiastas de este tipo de modificacion a un vehiculo, son personas con recursos y creatividad. Desafortunadamente, si desatas el poder de volumen de estos sistemas vehiculares, tocando musica popular dominicana, muchos seran ofendidos. Vamos a esperar que tengan una solucion de compromiso.


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