Blog September 22 2021   #6

Blog September 22 2021 #6

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Fecha: Blog 22 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 22 2021 #6

‘Can’t Compete’: Why Hiring for Child Care Is a Huge Struggle1

Your Workout Burns Fewer Calories Than You Think
Our bodies compensate for at least a quarter of the calories we expend during exercise, undermining our best efforts to lose weight by working out.6

Other small studies since have reinforced the finding that more activity does not necessarily result in greater daily calorie expenditure. But few large-scale experiments have tried to pin down just how much our bodies compensate for the calories burned while moving, since measuring metabolic activity in people is complex and expensive.

A more intractable problem with using exercise for weight loss, he continued, is that exercise realistically burns few calories, period. To drop pounds, we also will have to eat less.

My 2 cents opinion: Working out daily should be a habit. That way you learn about your body. Eating with awareness of the impact of calories helps make the right decisions about exercise.

Mi opinión: El ejercicio diario debe de ser un habito. De esa forma se aprende en que condicion esta el cuerpo. El comer con sentido de el impacto de las calorias en el cuerpo ayuda a hacer las decisiones correctas sobre el ejercicio.


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