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Blog September 23 2021 #1

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Fecha: Blog 23 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 23 2021 #1

In Push to Tax the Rich, White House Spotlights Billionaires’ Tax Rates
A White House analysis using an unconventional methodology says the wealthiest Americans pay far less in taxes than others.

The federal government taxes income from wages at a higher rate than income from investments, and most wealthy households report a significantly larger share of their income from capital gains and dividends than typical taxpayers do.1

My 2 cents opinion: If you have a fortune, it is unlikely that you are paying the same percentage of taxes than people who work for a living. Rich put their money in stocks, these do not count as money earned for the U.S. INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. Most people nowadays do not even have enough money to put away and save. If you get wages, the government will tax every penny of it.

Mi opinión: Si tiene una fortuna, es poco probable que pague el mismo porcentaje de impuestos que las personas que trabajan para ganarse la vida. Los ricos ponen su dinero en acciones, estas no cuentan como dinero ganado para el SERVICIO DE INGRESOS INTERNOS DE EE. UU. La mayoría de la gente hoy en día ni siquiera tiene suficiente dinero para guardar. Si recibe un salario, el gobierno gravará cada centavo


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