Blog September 25 2021   #1

Blog September 25 2021 #1

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Fecha: Blog 25 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 25 2021 #1

Republican Review of Arizona Vote Fails to Show Stolen Election1

The criticized review showed much the same results as in November, with 99 more Biden votes and 261 fewer Trump ones.

After months of delays and blistering criticism, a review of the 2020 election in Arizona’s largest county, ordered up and financed by Republicans, has failed to show that former President Donald J. Trump was cheated of victory.

My 2 cents opinion: He just lost, what’s the next question? Is there a constructive Republican agenda for the U.S. rather than just put 45 in control of the government again?

Mi opinión: Simplemente perdió, ¿cuál es la siguiente pregunta? ¿Existe una agenda republicana constructiva para Estados Unidos en lugar de simplemente volver a poner a 45 en control del gobierno?


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