Blog September 26 2021 #2

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Fecha: Blog 26 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 26 2021 #2

Among Dozens of ships are forced to anchor off coast of New York as they wait to dock in the country’s second-largest port – adding to US supply chain crunch which has forced FedEx to reroute 600k packages a day2

More than two dozen container ships appear to be stuck at sea miles off the south shore of Long Island, according to a maritime traffic monitoring website as more than 60 vessels wait to dock at two of the country’s largest ports on the West Coast.

My 2 cents opinion: These ships fill shelves on all stores in NYC. Many household products and food items are hard to find.

Mi opinión: Los barcos traen materiales de construccion, enseres del hogar, y alimentos a las tiendas. En Nueva York, muchas tiendas no tienen lo que yo busco.


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