Blog September 27 2021 #1

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Fecha: Blog 27 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 27 2021 #1

Covid vaccine mandates are put to a test as some New York health care workers refuse shots.1

Tens of thousands of health care workers in New York appeared to be risking their jobs by defying the state mandate to receive a dose of a coronavirus vaccine by Monday, setting up an early test for similar employer mandates across the United States.

Many of New York’s health care workers have resisted the order for fear of potential side effects from the vaccines, or challenged it because they say it violates their personal freedom. Covid vaccines have proven to be highly effective at preventing symptomatic infections, severe illness and death, and side effects tend to be short-lived.

My 2 cents opinion: Instead of teachers or other public service employees worrying about their personal freedom and/or potential side effects (proven to be minimal), they should worry about the health of others and their own low wages that are not conmesurate with the risk of dealing with the public.

Mi opinión: En lugar de que los maestros u otros empleados del servicio público se preocupen por su libertad personal y / o los posibles efectos secundarios (que se ha demostrado que son mínimos) de la vacuna, deben preocuparse por la salud de los demás y sus propios salarios bajos, que no son conmesurados con el riesgo de lidiar con el público.


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