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Fecha: Blog 27 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 27 2021 #3

See the Dozens of Offshore Oil Spills Caused by Hurricane Ida3

When Hurricane Ida barreled into the Louisiana coast with near 150 mile-per-hour winds on Aug. 30, it left a trail of destruction. The storm also triggered the most oil spills detected from space after a weather event in the Gulf of Mexico since the federal government started using satellites to track spills and leaks a decade ago.

In the two weeks after Ida, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a total of 55 spill reports, including a spill near a fragile nature reserve. It underscores the frailty of the region’s offshore oil and gas infrastructure to intensifying storms fueled by climate change.

My 2 cents opinion: There is plenty of fossil fuel. It is in the wrong place. Even before being burned, it is damaging fragile nature reserves. Stop fossil fuel combustion.

Mi opinión: Hay mucho combustible fósil. Está en el lugar equivocado. Incluso antes de ser quemado, está dañando las frágiles reservas naturales. Detengan la combustión de combustibles fósiles.


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