Blog September 27 2021   #4

Blog September 27 2021 #4

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Fecha: Blog 27 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 27 2021 #4

America’s Need to Pay Its Bills Has Spawned a Political Game4

Republicans and Democrats have long sparred over raising the debt ceiling. But this time, the odds are growing that the U.S. could default.

Republicans in Congress have refused to help raise the nation’s debt limit, even though the need to borrow stems from the bipartisan practice of running large budget deficits.

Republicans agree the U.S. must pay its bills, but on Monday they are expected to block a measure in the Senate that would enable the government to do so. Democrats, insistent that Republicans help pay for past decisions to boost spending and cut taxes, have so far refused to use a special process to raise the limit on their own.

My 2 cents opinion: When the ex-president broke spending limits and cut taxes on the wealthy, Republicans applauded. Now, they refuse to spend more on programs that have wide public support, and are still protecting the wealthy from paying for tax favors received in the previous for years. Biden was elected, in part to protect the American public, if he fails, the Democrats may be history come next election.

Mi opinión: Cuando el ex presidente rompió los límites de gasto y recortó los impuestos a los ricos, los republicanos aplaudieron. Ahora, se niegan a gastar más en programas que cuentan con un amplio apoyo público y aún protegen a los ricos de pagar los favores fiscales recibidos en años anteriores. Biden fue elegido, en parte para proteger al público estadounidense, si falla, los demócratas pueden ser historia en las próximas elecciones.


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