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Fecha: Blog 27 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 27 2021 #6

Five Years After Peace Deal, Colombia Is Running Out of Time, Experts Say6

A treaty with rebels in 2016 called for the end of a decades-long war. But that is not the same as achieving peace, and the window for doing so may be closing.

The rebels agreed to put down their arms, while the government promised to fold long-neglected rural communities into the Colombian state, offering jobs, roads, schools and a chance at a better life. By addressing poverty and inequality, the peace pact was supposed to extinguish the dissatisfaction that had fueled the war.

My 2 cents opinion: “They spoke of benefits,” said Jhon Jiménez, 32, a coca farmer. “It was a lie.” Indeed it was.

Mi opinión:“Hablaron de beneficios”, dijo Jhon Jiménez, de 32 años, un cultivador de coca. “Fue una mentira.” De hecho fue.


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