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Fecha: Blog 27 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 27 2021 #7

Remedios Varo, Spanish Painter of Magic, Mysticism and Science7

In the 1950s, and ’60s, she depicted women, artists and thinkers in intricate dreamlike canvases that now fetch high prices.

In elaborately detailed, often allegorical paintings, Varo depicted convent schoolgirls embarking on strange adventures; androgynous, ascetic figures absorbed in scientific, musical or artistic discovery; and solitary women — some of whom resembled the slender, striking Varo herself — having a transcendent experience. Her style was reminiscent of Renaissance art in its exquisite precision, but her dreamlike paintings were otherworldly in tone.

My 2 cents opinion: Being a woman surrealist painter in 1957 was a formula for not getting recognition. I am glad that times have caught up with her style and gender.

Mi opinión: Ser mujer pintora surrealista en 1957 fue una fórmula para no conseguir reconocimiento. Me alegro de que los tiempos se hayan puesto al día con su estilo y género.


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