Blog September 28 2021 #2

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Fecha: Blog 28 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 28 2021 #2

Health care workers in New York rush to get vaccinated, averting a staffing crisis.2

Thousands of health care workers in New York got inoculated against Covid-19 ahead of Monday’s deadline, helping the state avoid a worst-case scenario of staffing shortages at hospitals and nursing homes.

My 2 cents opinion: When the carrot does not work as an incentive, the stick seems to work with health care workers. Let us hope it also works for teachers.

Mi opinión: Cuando la zanahoria come incentivo no funciona, la vara trabaja. Los trabajadores de hospitales parece que entendieron el mensaje. Ahora falta que los que trabajan en educacion sigan el ejemplo.


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