Blog September 28 2021   #5

Blog September 28 2021 #5

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Fecha: Blog 28 de septiembre 2021

Date Blog September 28 2021 #5

Biden Versus the Rip Van Winkle Caucus5

Political reporting often portrays progressives as impractical and intransigent, unwilling to make the compromises needed to get things done, while centrists are realistic pragmatists. What’s happening in Congress right now, however, is just the opposite.

The Democratic Party’s left wing is advancing sensible, popular policies like negotiating on drug prices and cracking down on wealthy tax cheats, and has shown itself willing to make major compromises to advance President Biden’s agenda. In particular, the $3.5 trillion in spending Biden is asking for over the next decade is much less than progressives originally wanted.

The party’s conservative wing, however, seems willing to risk blowing up its own president’s prospects rather than give an inch.

My 2 cents opinion: “Specifically, some Democrats still seem to believe that they can succeed economically and politically by being Republicans lite. It’s doubtful whether that was ever true. But it’s definitely not true now.” I agree with Mr. Krugman.

Mi opinión: “Específicamente, algunos demócratas todavía parecen creer que pueden tener éxito económica y políticamente siendo republicanos livianos. Es dudoso que eso fuera cierto alguna vez. Pero definitivamente no es cierto ahora.” Estoy de acuerdo con el Sr. Krugman.


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