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Date Blog September 29 2021 #3

Liberals Dig In Against Infrastructure Bill as Party Divisions Persiste3

They doubled down on a promise to oppose the infrastructure bill until Congress acts on a far more expansive domestic policy package.

Liberal Democrats dug in on Tuesday against voting for a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill this week, angrily rejecting a decision by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to push the bill forward before the party could resolve bitter disagreements over a sprawling social policy and climate package.

My 2 cents opinion: What good is being called a “liberal” in the United States if you can not secure passage of social and climate legislation? Pelosi might be gone come next election, but younger office holders may pay next election for letting big business again dictate domestic agendas.

Mi opinión: ¿De qué sirve ser llamado “liberal” en los Estados Unidos si no se puede asegurar la aprobación de la legislación social y climática? Pelosi podría desaparecer en las próximas elecciones, pero los funcionarios más jóvenes pueden pagar las próximas elecciones por permitir que las grandes empresas dicten nuevamente las agendas nacionales.


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