Blog October 3 2021 #4

Blog October 3 2021 #4

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Blog 3 de octubre 2021

Blog October 3 2021 #4

Perilous, Roadless Jungle Becomes a Path of Desperate Hope*

The recent surge at the Mexican border is likely to grow as more migrants, mostly Haitian, risk everything negotiating the notorious Darién Gap on their way to the United States.

For decades, the Darién Gap, a roadless, lawless stretch of jungle linking South America to the north, was considered so dangerous that only a few thousand people a year were daring, or desperate, enough to try to cross it.

But the economic devastation wrought by the pandemic in South America was such that in the first nine months of this year, Panamanian officials say, an estimated 95,000 migrants, most of whom are Haitian, attempted the passage on their way to the United States.

They made the journey in shorts and flip-flops, their possessions stuffed in plastic bags, their babies in arms and their children by the hand. It’s uncertain how many made it — and how many didn’t. And yet tens of thousands more are gathered in Colombia, eager for their turn to try.

My 2 cents opinion:
Their desperation defies imagination. This journey out of South America is hard to understand for Americans.

Mi opinión: Esa jornada peligrosa desafia la imaginacion. Es algo que los americanos nunca entenderan.

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