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Blog 3 de octubre 2021

Blog October 3 2021 #5

After Rape Accusations, Fraternities Face Protests and Growing Anger

At big universities with powerful fraternity cultures — like UMass, Northwestern, Nebraska and Iowa — many students are demanding an end to Greek life.

At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, hundreds of students protested outside a fraternity house in August after a student reported a sexual assault by one of its members to the police.

At Northwestern University, in Evanston, Ill., demonstrations erupted on Sunday after several students said they had been drugged at two fraternities. Northwestern suspended recruitment and social events at on-campus fraternity houses.

At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, rumors about a sexual assault prompted hundreds of students to show up outside the Theta Chi fraternity house, chanting an expletive, middle fingers raised. Some protesters overturned a car, and two students were arrested.

These protests were just part of a series of similar demonstrations against fraternities that have occurred this fall — not at small liberal arts colleges, but at big universities with powerful fraternity cultures, like Syracuse and the public universities of Kansas, Iowa and Mississippi.

My 2 cents opinion:
This unique tradition in places of higher learning is an American phenomenom promoting tribalism and discrimination. Now it includes violence and criminal behavior.

Mi opinión: Las fraternidades en universidades americanas es un fenomeno que apoya la discriminacion, el tribalismo, y ahora – criminalidad.

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