Blog October 4 2021 #1

Blog October 4 2021 #1

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Blog 4 de octubre 2021

Blog October 4 2021 #1

18,000 Shots Given to N.Y.C. School Employees Ahead of Vaccine Deadline*

The mandate is the first full vaccine requirement for any group of city workers and affects well over 150,000 teachers and staff members.

At least 98 percent of principals and 93 percent of teachers as well as 90 percent of non-education staff members had been vaccinated by Friday, city officials said. The figures are likely to change by Monday, the deadline for meeting the requirement, because more employees are very likely get shots or provide proof of vaccination over the weekend..

“Mandates work, they make us safer,” Mr. de Blasio said in a television interview on Friday. .

My 2 cents opinion:
If it were not for the “personal freedom” advocates, the virus would have not grown to such a shameful crisis.

Mi opinión: Sino hubiera sido por ls que profesan “libertad personal”, el virus no hubiera crecido de forma tan vergonsoza.

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