Blog October 4 2021 #2

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Blog 4 de octubre 2021

Blog October 4 2021 #2


Nearly 100,000 people have disappeared in Mexico. Their families now search for clues among the dead.

They lie in clandestine graves strewn across the desert, mingled in communal pits, or hacked to pieces and scattered on desiccated hillsides.

All over Mexico, mothers wander under the scorching sun, poking at the earth and sniffing for the tell-tale scent of decomposing flesh, hoping for a scrap that points toward their missing son or daughter.

For most, the answers never come.

My 2 cents opinion:
Mexico’s plight is the headache for the United States. The thousands trying to escape Mexico can be seen at the southern border.

Mi opinión: La difícil situación de México es el dolor de cabeza de Estados Unidos. Los miles que intentan escapar de México se pueden ver en la frontera sur.

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