Blog October 4 2021 #3

Blog October 4 2021 #3

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Blog 4 de octubre 2021

Blog October 4 2021 #3

+Facebook Is Weaker*

– Than We Knew

A trove of leaked documents, published by The Wall Street Journal, hints at a company whose best days are behind it.

Facebook has a two-tier justice system, that it knew Instagram was worsening body-image issues among girls and that it had a bigger vaccine misinformation problem than it let on, among other issues

And it would be easy enough to come away thinking that Facebook is terrifyingly powerful, and can be brought to heel only with aggressive government intervention.

Facebook is in trouble.

You can see this vulnerability on display in an installment of The Journal’s series that landed last week. The article, which cited internal Facebook research, revealed that the company has been strategizing about how to market itself to children, referring to preteens as a “valuable but untapped audience.” The article contained plenty of fodder for outrage, including a presentation in which Facebook researchers asked if there was “a way to leverage playdates to drive word of hand/growth among kids?”

My 2 cents opinion:
That is low, marketing a non-educational media outlet for adults, to grab the children’s minds and interest.’

Mi opinión: Eso es bajo, promover un medio de comunicación no educativo para adultos, para captar la mente y el interés de los niños.

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