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Blog 5 de octubre 2021

Blog October 5 2021 #1

Nuns Raped Girls with Crucifixes as Female Pedophilia Was Covered Up by the Church*

‘Marie’ was placed in a French Catholic boarding school for “young girls from good families” when she was in the 5th grade.

She remembers a nun who would come to her class every day to choose a student to help her with mass. But the nun wasn’t looking for someone to help her, she was looking for a victim. “I was 11 and looked 9.

She would choose me once every two or three times,” she recalls.

“She would take me to her office, lock the door and then draw the curtains. After which she would put me on her knees to make me read the gospel according to Saint Paul or another saint, while she squeezed me with one hand to her chest and pulled down my panties with the other hand. We were of course in a pleated skirts and not in pants.

It terrified me and paralyzed.”

My 2 cents opinion:
* This is upsetting, as I went to a Catholic school (with nuns teaching) in Puerto Rico. Strangely, the nuns spoke no Spanish, and were usually isolated since they were Americans (and religious).

Mi opinión: Esto es molesto, ya que fui a una escuela católica (con monjas enseñando) en Puerto Rico. Curiosamente, las monjas no hablaban español y, por lo general, estaban aisladas por ser estadounidenses (y religiosas).

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