Blog October 5 2021 #6

Blog October 5 2021 #6

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Blog 5 de octubre 2021

Blog October 5 2021 #6

City Says 3,000 Out Of 78,000 Teachers Have Yet To Get Their First Shot; Concern Continues About Available Safety Agents*

Unvaccinated teachers who were turned away at their schools joined a rally against the mayor’s vaccine mandate. Thousands marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall with a message. As other anti-vaxxers joined the march, it got destructive. Some even flipped over a COVID-19 testing tent in Union Square.
But while they were making a lot of noise, they are still very much in the minority, reported CBS2’s Jessica Layton.

My 2 cents opinion:
* Luckily, being a teacher is not like being a “rocket scientist”. The unvaccinated teachers have demonstrated that truth. I also know from personal experience. I worked in the Department of Education for decades. I saw frequent mediocrity and many who did not really understand science (and taught something else). It will not be hard to find many who will fill those jobs left vacant by the “no vaccine for me” people.

Mi opinión: Afortunadamente, ser profesor no es como ser un “científico espacial”. Los profesores no vacunados han demostrado esa verdad. También lo sé por experiencia personal. Trabajé en el Departamento de Educación durante décadas. Vi mediocridad frecuente y muchos que realmente no entendían ciencia (y enseñaban otra cosa). No será difícil encontrar muchos que ocupen los puestos vacantes que dejó la gente “no vacuna para mí”.

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