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Blog October 8 2021 #10

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Blog 8 de octubre 2021

Blog October 8 2021 #10

How the Colombian Band Morat Is Winning Over a Global Audience*

One of the fastest growing bands in Latin America is speaking to a generation whose personal anxieties often exist amid a broader backdrop of social turmoil.

The breakthrough moment for one of the fastest growing bands in Latin America came thanks to an unlikely instrument: a stolen banjo.

Morat met up for a recording session in Bogotá in 2014, when its four members were still college students, childhood friends playing school functions and weeknights at bars. Casting around the room for inspiration, the guitarist Juan Pablo Villamil picked up an instrument that he didn’t exactly know how to play.

“We all knew back then that we wanted to sound differently, to explore things,” Villamil recalled on a recent Zoom call as his bandmates Juan Pablo Isaza, Simón Vargas and Martín Vargas jumped in to add their own flourishes. They recorded a 12-string guitar and a mandolin, then someone spotted a banjo hanging on the wall. They borrowed it, and never gave it back.

My 2 cents opinion: The diversification of music can only be good news for the future. New sounds and styles are being brought to the public who hungers for new styles.
La diversificacion de la musica es buenas noticias para el futuro. El publico tiene hambre de nuevos estilos.

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