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Blog October 8 2021 #6

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Blog 8 de octubre 2021

Blog October 8 2021 #6

Trump Tells Former Aides to Defy Subpoenas From Jan. 6 Panel*

The select committee also sent subpoenas to two “Stop the Steal” organizers and a group affiliated with the event that preceded the mob violence.

Former President Donald J. Trump has instructed his former aides not to comply with subpoenas from the special congressional committee investigating the Capitol riot,

raising the prospect of the panel issuing criminal referrals for some of his closest advisers as early as Friday.

In a letter reviewed by The New York Times, Mr. Trump’s lawyer asked that witnesses not provide testimony or documents related to their “official” duties, and instead to invoke any immunities they might have “to the fullest extent permitted by law.”

My 2 cents opinion:
The Trump rioters and riot faccilitators must pay a high price for its insurrection against democracy. Los que facilitaron la insurreccion y los rebeldes Tromperos tienen que pagar un alto precio.

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