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Blog #4

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Blog 4

Blog #4

1. Pandemic Decluttering*

2. With little else to do during lockdown, many people decided to do some good housekeeping, and thrift shops are booming.

3. for many, decluttering was a practical necessity. Suddenly, home was no longer simply haven and shelter. It was also an office (sometimes multiple offices), a school, perhaps even a gym, requiring extra equipment and furniture — requiring a rethinking and reapportioning of space. To accommodate those changes something had to give, and a lot had to go.

My 2 cents opinion:
Decluttering has been a decade long ordeal for me. The pandemic just made it worse because the lack of services to help.. Ordenar el desorden ha sido mi jornada de una década. La pandemia no ayudó pues muchos servicios cerraron en mi area..


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