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Blog # 5

Blog # 5

1When Child Care Costs Twice as Much as the Mortgagen*

President Biden’s huge social policy bill aims to address a problem that weighs on many families — and the teachers and child care centers serving them.

The plan would cap child care expenses at 7 percent of families’ income, offer subsidies to child care centers and more. Yet its prospects remain uncertain.

To understand the problems Democrats hope to solve with their supersized plan to make child care better and more affordable, consider this small Southern city where many parents spend more for care than they do for mortgages, yet teachers get paid like fast food workers and centers cannot hire enough staff.

My/MI opinion:
Let’s hope this has a happy ending. Espero que esto tenga un final feliz.

*Read More https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/09/us/politics/child-care-costs-wages-legislation.html?smid=url-share

My/MI opinion: I worked for years in early childhood intervention. I saw parents struggle for reasons beyond the child’s diagnosed disabilty. I retired after many years. It is puzzling how neither political party has been able to resolve the issue which other “developed” countries have solved, a long time ago./////Trabajé durante años en intervención temprana. Vi a los padres luchar por razones más allá de la discapacidad diagnosticada del niño. Me retiré después de muchos años. Es desconcertante cómo ninguno de los partidos políticos ha podido resolver el problema que otros países "desarrollados" han resuelto, hace mucho tiempo.