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Blog # 6

Blog # 6

The Hot New Back-to-School Accessory? An Air Quality Monitor*

Parents are sneaking carbon dioxide monitors into their children’s schools to determine whether the buildings are safe.

Some school systems have made the monitors part of their official pandemic precautions. New York City has distributed the devices to every public school, and the British government has announced plans to do likewise.

But elsewhere, parents are taking matters into their own hands, sneaking in the monitors — which can cost a hundred dollars or more — in their children’s backpacks or pants pockets.


My/MI opinion: I worked also in the public school system in New York City where schools were easily built more than 50 years ago. Air quality was not a concern and buildings were constructed with huge windows that were often difficult, or impossible to open, or worst - the areas were I worked, had no windows. Retirement was a happy day. /////También trabajé en el sistema de escuelas públicas de la ciudad de Nueva York, donde las escuelas se construyeron fácilmente hace más de 50 años. La calidad del aire no era una preocupación y los edificios se construían con ventanas enormes que a menudo eran difíciles, o imposibles de abrir, o lo que era peor, las áreas en las que trabajaba no tenían ventanas. La jubilación fue un día feliz.