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Blog # 8

Blog # 8

Eric Clapton went from setting the standard for rock guitar

to making ‘full-tilt’ racist rants to becoming an outspoken vaccine skeptic.

Did he change? Or was he always like this?

Clapton recently embarked on a U.S. tour booked in red states despite surging transmission numbers and death rates — and at venues that largely don’t require proof of vaccination.

In the process, this Sixties icon, who embraced the sex, drugs, and rock & roll lifestyle as much as anyone in his generation, has drawn praise from conservative pundits. In Austin, he posed for backstage photos with Texas’ anti-vax-mandate Gov. Greg Abbott, known for his attacks on abortion and voting rights. The sight of Clapton in backstage photos with the notorious governor amounted to a deal killer for some: “I just deleted all my Clapton songs,” went one comment on Abbott’s Twitter feed, along with, “A Kid Rock type with better guitar skills. Done with him.”


My/MI opinion: Yes, I am done with the guy I saw playing live with Blind Faith. Maybe too many chemicals accumulated during his early touring years have now shown its brain damage, or maybe he’s just an aging boomer. In his early career he also gave wellness advice -"If you got bad news
You want to kick the blues - Cocaine"/////El icono de la guitarra rock eléctrica también dió su opinion sobre la salud con esta lírica "Si tienes malas noticias Quieres patear el blues - Cocaína”. Otros boomers envejecientes, que también deben están sufriendo los efectos de químicos acumulados en su juventud, ahora es probable que piensen como él. Yo terminé con el ex-integrante de “Blind Faith”. Ciega fe es lo que tienen ahora sus seguidores anti-vacuna.

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