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Blog # 10

Blog # 10

Past Pandemics Remind Us Covid Will Be an Era, Not a Crisis That Fades


The skeletons move across a barren landscape toward the few helpless and terrified people still living. The scene, imagined in a mid-16th-century painting, “The Triumph of Death” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, illuminated the psychic impact of the bubonic plague.

It was a terror that lingered even as the disease receded, historians say.
Covid-19’s waves of destruction have inflicted their own kind of despair on humanity in the 21st century, leaving many to wonder when the pandemic will end.

“We tend to think of pandemics and epidemics as episodic,” said Allan Brandt, a historian of science and medicine at Harvard University. “But we are living in the Covid-19 era, not the Covid-19 crisis. There will be a lot of changes that are substantial and persistent. We won’t look back and say, ‘That was a terrible time, but it’s over.’ We will be dealing with many of the ramifications of Covid-19 for decades, for decades.”
Especially in the months before the Delta variant became dominant, the pandemic seemed like it should be nearly over.


My/MI opinion: Yes, when the Delta variant was allowed to spread it assured that the virus era will be with us for years to come, no matter what the politicians say, business owners, or workers want./////Sí, cuando se permitió que la variante Delta se extendiera, aseguró que la era del virus nos acompañará en los próximos años, sin importar lo que digan los políticos, los dueños de negocios o los trabajadores deseen.

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