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U.S. Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti, Officials Say
Gang members took as many as 17 missionaries and their family members in the capital, Port-au-Prince, the latest in a series of kidnappings in the country.

The kidnapping of the American missionaries happened only a day after the United Nations Security Council extended its mission in Haiti by nine months in a unanimous vote on Friday. Many Haitians have been calling for the United States to send troops to stabilize the situation, but the Biden administration has been reluctant to commit boots on the ground.

A State Department spokesman had no comment on the abductions in Haiti on Saturday night.



My/MI opinion: 
It is clear that the United Nations Security Council should intervene and it should not be Biden’s troops the only recourse to stabilize a crumbling country./////Está claro que el Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones Unidas debe intervenir y no deben ser las tropas de Biden el único recurso para estabilizar un país en ruinas.
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