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“¿Por qué no tenemos electricidad?”:

‘Why Don’t We Have Electricity?’

‘Why Don’t We Have Electricity?’: Outages Plague Puerto Rico

Transferring the power grid to a private company was supposed to help. But thousands protested last week over more blackouts.

Four years after Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico’s electrical grid a shambles and the entire island in the dark, residents had expected their fragile power system to be stronger now. Instead, unreliable electricity remains frustratingly common, hindering economic development and daily life.

In June, a private consortium known as LUMA Energy took over the transmission and distribution of electricity. And yet the situation has only worsened. Surging demand in August and September led to rolling blackouts affecting a majority of the island’s 1.5 million electrical customers.

Last week, several thousand people marched along a main highway in San Juan, the capital, blocking traffic with the latest in a series of protests over the seemingly unending electricity problems plaguing the island.


My/MI opinion: Once again, the population of Puerto Rico was a victim of the old bait and switch game, the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods which are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods. I am hoping that the island uses all its limited resources to find out why this keeps happening, but its politicians are easy to persuade by powerful agents of commerce./////Puerto Rico, una vez mas víctimas de Cebo y cambio, la acción (generalmente ilegal) de publicitar bienes que son una aparente ganga, con la intención de sustituir bienes inferiores o más caros. Yo espero que la isla use todos sus limitados recursos para evitar que esto siga pasando, para encontrar la causa, pero los politicos de la isla son fácil de persuadir por los poderosos agentes del comercio.

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