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En el ataque de Noruega, “Objeto afilado”, no flechas, mató a 5

Norway Attack, ‘Sharp Object,’ Not Arrows, Killed 5

In Norway Attack, ‘Sharp Object,’ Not Arrows, Killed 5, Police Say

The Norwegian police on Monday said that while a hunting bow had been used in last week’s rampage, the victims, four women and a man, were stabbed to death.

The attacker who went on a rampage in a town in Norway killed his five victims using a “sharp object,” not a bow and arrow as had been widely reported, the Norwegian police announced on Monday.

Espen Andersen Brathen, who confessed to the crime, did shoot arrows at people from a hunting bow during part of his attack last Wednesday in the town of Kongsberg, which also wounded at least three people.

At some point in the rampage, the police said at a news conference Monday, he discarded the bow. The fatal blows are now said to have been delivered by a stabbing weapon or weapons, which the police did not identify. Four women and one man were killed in the attack about 50 miles southwest of Oslo.

The police had previously contacted Mr. Brathen, a 37-year-old Danish citizen and Muslim convert, over concerns that he had been radicalized, and the Norwegian security agency, known as PST, said soon after the attack that it appeared to be an “act of terrorism.”

But on Monday, Per Thomas Omholt, the chief of police in the Sor-Ost Police District, said of the motivation for the crime that “the initial hypothesis about conversion to Islam is weakened.”


My/MI opinion: The severely mentally ill are often blamed for acts that appear politically motivated, and  the media quickly tries to capitalize the tragic event./////A menudo se culpa a los enfermos mentales graves por actos que parecen motivados políticamente, y los medios de comunicación intentan rápidamente capitalizar el trágico evento.

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