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Blog #31

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Peterson arremete contra legisladores por no aprobar el proyecto para renegociar la deuda

Peterson lashes out at lawmakers for not approving the bill to renegotiate the debt

Blog #31

He turned to the social network Twitter after the Senate left the measure in the pipeline, while Project Dignity alleges project 1003 and the Adjustment Plan are contrary to what the island needs*

-Peterson’s expressions came about two hours after the House of Representatives endorsed Bill 1003.

-The measure, the product of over a month of negotiations and technical meetings between the parties, would allow the Board to continue with the debt renegotiation if the Plan of Adjustment (PDA) is confirmed by the federal court.

-Senate chose to postpone voting on the measure until next Thursday because it did not have enough votes.

Around midnight, Peterson took to the social network Twitter to reiterate that the tax body supports a bipartisan agreement with the aim of “ending bankruptcy and saving pensions.”

My 2 cents opinion:
(It incredible that Puerto Ricans can not find a way out of its predicament, being slowly swallowed by the Wall Street Giants, with the help of Puerto Rican local politicians and legislators. I can not help to think but that local politicians are cheap to purchase for the Wall Street billionaires.) Es increíble que los puertorriqueños no puedan encontrar una salida a su predicamento, siendo lentamente engullidos por los Gigantes de Wall Street, con la ayuda de los políticos y legisladores locales puertorriqueños. No puedo evitar pensar que los políticos locales son baratos para los multimillonarios de Wall Street.

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