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La ciudad de Nueva York exige vacunas para todos los trabajadores de la ciudad.

New York City mandates vaccines for all city workers.

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New York City will require all city workers to be vaccinated by the end of the month or lose their paychecks, *

-a new mandate that will apply to more than 160,000 workers including police officers, firefighters and sanitation workers,

-Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Wednesday.

Starting on Nov. 1, city workers must have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine and can no longer submit to regular testing as an alternative.

The new mandate, put in place after similar requirements for teachers and health care workers led to a surge in vaccinations, is the most aggressive step taken yet to boost vaccination rates in the city.

My 2 cents opinion:
(This is a long overdue decision that should have been made months ago, as the persistent drama of viral infections continue to plague public health. Clearly, having a civil service job does not entitle him/her to debate scientific discourse. Maybe many had been waiting for a decisive mandate so as not to lose self-esteem in the face of overwhelming data about the danger of the unvaccinated.) EEsta es una decisión que debió haberse tomado hace mucho tiempo, ya que el drama persistente de las infecciones virales continúa afectando la salud pública. Claramente, tener un trabajo en la administración pública no le da derecho a debatir el discurso científico. Quizás muchos habían estado esperando un mandato decisivo para no perder la autoestima ante datos abrumadores sobre el peligro de los no vacunados.

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