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El regreso del Shadowman

The Return of the Shadowman

Blog #36

A stealth artist from Seattle has been replicating the ’80s street art of Richard Hambleton throughout Manhattan. *

-Is this a tribute, a marketing tool — or both?

-He committed his first crime shortly after 2:00 in the morning on a recent Friday. With an athlete’s grace, he hopped a rusty gate and pulled a plastic bottle of black latex paint from his backpack. Then, in broad muscular strokes, he painted a shadowy silhouette of a scraggly man on the glass door beneath an abandoned cafe on West 23rd Street. It took form in 10 minutes, finished when he splattered droplets creating the impression that the brains of the menacing figure’s head were exploding as if from a geyser.

“I just think that door looks better that way,” he told this tagalong reporter who pointed out the police car on the corner. “And now the space is completely transformed.”

The stealth artist, a 47-year-old Seattle resident, former mountain bike racer and industrial designer, goes by the street name Nullbureau and would not give his real name for fear of arrest. But anyone who knows the history of street art in New York City would recognize the figure he had replicated. It was a fairly accurate facsimile of one of the Shadowman figures painted by Richard Hambleton

My 2 cents opinion:
(Street art is underappreciated, it is a non-violent or disruptive way of expression.) (El arte callejero es subestimado, es una forma de expresión no violenta o disruptiva.).

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