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el poder de la industria farmacéutica

the power of the pharmaceutical industry

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“in 2003, a Republican Congress and president, George W. Bush, secured passage of that drug benefit — but with an explicit prohibition on the government negotiating the price of medicines older Americans would purchase.”*

-””Now it seems that…

-““It would mean that the pharmaceutical industry, which has 1,500 paid lobbyists, the pharmaceutical industry, which made $50 billion in profits last year, the pharmaceutical industry, which pays its executives huge compensation packages, and which is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat this legislation, will have won,” Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent and Budget Committee chairman, said on Wednesday. “And I intend to not allow that to happen.

But can he?

“Ultimately, if any significant price controls survive, it will be the logic of the policy overcoming the power over the lobby, said Representative Ron Kind, a Democrat whose Wisconsin district is being hit with pharmaceutical industry advertising. Mr. Kind, an influential centrist, said he has been speaking with like-minded Democrats, trying to buck them up against the onslaught.

“Obviously, there’s some advertising,” he said. “But boy, public sentiment is overwhelming. They just don’t understand why the pharmaceutical industry is the only private industry the federal government’s refused to even discuss prices with.””

Regenerative-agriculture proponents contend that such criticisms don’t give enough weight to other benefits of their practices, like eliminating the need to grow and ship feed.

My 2 cents opinion:
(It is persistent problem for the U.S., the parmaceutical industry has many more resources than the government, so it is not surprising that they control the means of distribution and has a large army of sales persons, lobbyists, and they even pay the medical profession to promote the use of their products, even if they harm the public. Don’t expect big changes in the future, no matter who is president.) (Es un problema persistente para EE. UU., La industria farmacéutica tiene muchos más recursos que el gobierno, por lo que no es de extrañar que controlen los medios de distribución y tengan un gran ejército de vendedores, cabilderos, e incluso paguen a la profesión médica para promover el uso de sus productos, incluso si perjudican al público. No espere grandes cambios en el futuro, sin importar quién sea el presidente, las farmaceuticas van a estar en control de los precios).

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