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Blog #39

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Biden está abierto a eliminar el filibustero por el proyecto de ley de derechos de voto “y tal vez más”

Biden Is Open to Scrapping Filibuster for Voting Rights Bill ‘and Maybe More’

Blog #39

The president said any push to “fundamentally alter” the Senate’s 60-vote threshold would have to wait until after Congress passed his vast spending agenda. *

-President Biden said on Thursday that he was open to ending the Senate filibuster so Democrats could pass voting rights legislation, raise the federal debt limit and possibly enact other parts of his agenda that had been blocked by Republicans.

-Speaking at a CNN town hall meeting, the president also expressed optimism about passage of his infrastructure and social safety net bills even as he offered candid descriptions of closed-door negotiations with two Democratic holdouts.

Mr. Biden had previously said that changing the filibuster rules to allow a debt limit vote was “a real possibility,” but his remarks on Thursday evening suggested that he was ready to pursue broader changes to bypass Republican opposition.


My 2 cents opinion:
(Let’s hope Biden stops being cautious and polite. The opposition is fearless, and future voters will never forget that he did not keep his election promises.) (Esperemos que Biden deje de ser cauteloso y educado. La oposición no tiene miedo y los futuros votantes nunca olvidarán que no cumplió sus promesas electorales.)

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