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El ejército de Sudán tomó el control del gobierno el lunes,

Blog #47 Monday, October 25, 2021

Sudan’s military took control of the government on Monday, *

-it dissolved a governing council that included civilians and detained the prime minister and other top civilian leaders, endangering the country’s fragile transition from authoritarian rule to democracy.

-Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of the joint civilian-military council that had been governing the country said, “What the country is going through represents a threat”.

The same ministry said in a Facebook post earlier on Monday that the military forces had pressured Mr. Hamdok to release a “pro-coup statement.” After refusing to “endorse the coup,” the ministry said, Mr. Hamdok was then moved to an unknown location.

The East African nation has been shaken by political uncertainty and fears of a coup for months now, as the shared power arrangement between military and civilian leaders has shown increasing signs of strain. Pro-military protesters have called for the dissolution of the transitional government, while pro-democracy demonstrators have said such a step would be tantamount to a takeover.


My 2 cents opinion:
(For some, democracy offers too much freedom of speech and to choose government representatives. Sudan’s military is setting the stage for a military dictatorship.) (Opinión
Para algunos, la democracia ofrece demasiada libertad de expresión y para elegir representantes gubernamentales. El ejército de Sudán está preparando el escenario para una dictadura militar.)

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