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El alumnado es sordo y diverso. El liderazgo de la escuela tampoco lo es.

Blog #52 Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Student Body Is Deaf and Diverse. The School’s Leadership Is Neither.


-More than 30 years after a groundbreaking protest at Gallaudet University in Washington, questions about leadership at a school for the deaf in Atlanta have been further compounded by race.

-Of the 73 school leadership positions for 71 statewide K-12 schools for the deaf across the country, 46 are held by hearing people, according to Tawny Holmes Hlibok, a professor of deaf studies at Gallaudet. Among the 27 deaf school leaders — a number that she said has more than doubled from seven years ago — three are people of color.

Growing research shows that students perform better in school if they have role models who reflect their background.

“I notice that when I talk to deaf children at a school without a deaf leader and ask them what they want to be when they grow up, they often limit themselves,” Professor Hlibok said, adding, “When I ask them if they want to be a teacher or lawyer or nurse, they say they can’t because that job is for a hearing person.”


My 2 cents opinion:
I worked with students that had a hearing deficit. Nobody forced me to learn A.S.L. but I did to show respect to these students who are often forced to fit in with the “normals”, non-hearing impaired people. I also identified with people that spoke another language and were judged erroneously because of it. Opinión Trabajé con estudiantes que tenían un déficit auditivo. Nadie me obligó a aprender A.S.L. pero lo hice para mostrar respeto a estos estudiantes que a menudo se ven obligados a adaptarse a los “normales”, personas sin discapacidad auditiva. También me identifiqué con personas que hablaban otro idioma y fueron juzgadas erróneamente por ello.

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