Blog 55 Wednesday, October 27 2021

Blog 55 Wednesday, October 27 2021

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“El cerebro de una mosca de la fruta es del tamaño de una semilla de amapola y es casi igual de fácil de pasar por alto.

Blog 55 Wednesday, October 27 2021

“The brain of a fruit fly is the size of a poppy seed and about as easy to overlook.

-“Most people, I think, don’t even think of the fly as having a brain,” said Vivek Jayaraman, a neuroscientist at the Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Virginia. “But, of course, flies lead quite rich lives.”

-Flies are capable of sophisticated behaviors, including navigating diverse landscapes, tussling with rivals and serenading potential mates. And their speck-size brains are tremendously complex, containing some 100,000 neurons and tens of millions of connections, or synapses, between them.”

By analyzing the connectome of just a small part of the fly brain — the central complex, which plays an important role in navigation — Dr. Jayaraman and his colleagues identified dozens of new neuron types and pinpointed neural circuits that appear to help flies make their way through the world. The work could ultimately help provide insight into how all kinds of animal brains, including our own, process a flood of sensory information and translate it into appropriate action.


My 2 cents opinion:
A lot can be learned from studying nature’s creatures. How can such a small brain contain and process all the information that controls its behavior? Opinión Se puede aprender mucho estudiando las criaturas de la naturaleza. ¿Cómo puede un cerebro tan pequeño contener y procesar toda la información que controla su comportamiento?

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