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“La NASA no puede llamar a un plomero desde la órbita.

Blog 56 Wednesday, October 27 2021

“NASA can’t call a plumber from orbit.

-So before a SpaceX vehicle can launch four astronauts to the International Space Station on Sunday, agency officials need to be sure the spacecraft’s faulty toilet is fixed.

-SpaceX ran into trouble with the toilet system of Crew Dragon, its astronaut capsule, last month during Inspiration4, its first mission carrying a fully private crew of four people to orbit. At some point during the three-day mission, there was a problem with Crew Dragon’s toilet.

The nature of the toilet problem, though, seemed cloaked in secrecy. Mission managers deflected when pressed for details. SpaceX didn’t respond to questions for comment. Scott Poteet, the mission’s director on Earth, said in a news conference with reporters only that there were “issues” with the capsule’s waste management system.”

Jared Isaacman, the Inspiration4 mission commander, told CNN, “Nobody really wants to get into the gory details.”


My 2 cents opinion:
I appreciate that NASA’S officials kept the details of its toilet malfunctioning secret. It could get messy. Aprecio que los funcionarios de la NASA mantuvieran en secreto los detalles del mal funcionamiento de su inodoro. Podría ser un lio.

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