Blog #59 Thursday, October 28, 2021

Blog #59 Thursday, October 28, 2021

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La ciudad en el interior de Australia, donde la temperatura puede alcanzar los 113 grados Fahrenheit,

Blog #59 Thursday, October 28, 2021

The town in Australia’s outback, where the temperature can hit 113 degrees Fahrenheit,

– drew global inquiries when it offered “free” land in a bid to expand its population.

-From the air, the tiny outback town of Quilpie, Queensland, appears to be in the middle of nowhere. It lies on dusty land the color of rust. About 20 kangaroos sometimes take up residence on the school lawn. Summer temperatures can reach 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The nearest city is a 10-hour drive away.

But Quilpie suddenly found itself the object of global desire recently when it unveiled a plan to combat a housing shortage and lure new residents by offering “free” plots of land.

Officials initially had a modest vision, hoping that five new homes would be built in the town of 575 people. But in the two weeks since the word went out on Oct. 11 via local news media, Quilpie (pronounced QUIL-pee) has received more than 300 inquiries, officials said, including from as far away as Hong Kong and Europe.

The flood of inquiries from home and abroad was a testament to the desperation of Australians who fear homeownership is becoming increasingly out of reach, and to the global crunch in affordable housing.

Yes, there is fine print: New homeowners would have to pay $12,500 upfront for a plot — but if they built a house there and lived in it for more than six months, they would receive a refund on the land value.There’s a freedom and self-sufficiency to living in a rural town that you can’t find in the city, Ms. Meehan said.

“Here, you can drill a bore, light a fire, kill a cow to eat,” she said. “Whereas, in the city, you can’t do any of that. You can just plant a little garden full of lettuce.”


My 2 cents opinion:
No amount of lettuce planting, hole digging, fire lighting, or cow killing is enough motivation to move to a rural isolated and extremely hot desert, even if the land is free. Ninguna cantidad de plantar lechugas, cavar hoyos, encender fuego o matar vacas es suficiente motivación para mudarse a un desierto rural aislado y extremadamente caluroso, incluso si la tierra es libre.

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