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El producto nuevo más retrasado de Apple no es lo que esperabas

BLOG #61 Oct 29, 2021 at 9:40:27 AM

Apple’s Most Back-Ordered New Product Is Not What You Expect
It’s a $19 cloth.

– Apple this month unveiled an array of new gadgets: more powerful MacBook laptop computers, AirPod wireless headphones with longer battery life and HomePod Mini speakers in three more colors.

-But a different and unheralded Apple release is garnering so much interest that it has become the company’s most back-ordered new product: a $19, 6.3-by-6.3-inch cloth to wipe smudges and fingerprints off screens.

The cloth, imprinted with the Apple logo in the corner, is made with “soft, nonabrasive material” to clean the screens of iPhones, iPads and MacBooks “safely and effectively,” according to the product page. The listing adds that the Polishing Cloth — capital P, capital C — is “compatible” with 88 different Apple products. For most U.S. shoppers, shipment is delayed until Jan. 11, at the earliest.

Charging $19 for a piece of cloth about the size of two stacked dollar bills is bold even by Apple’s standards, a company whose legions of loyal customers are conditioned to stomach steep prices. An Apple-branded set of four wheels to “improve mobility” for the Mac Pro, the company’s most expensive desktop computer, is priced at $699, for instance.


My 2 cents opinion:
I would not buy it, I already have microfiber towels, or I can use cleaners for eyeglasses, which I think does the job, with eyeglass cleaning solutions. No lo compraría, ya tengo toallas de microfibra, o puedo usar limpiadores para anteojos, que creo que hace el trabajo, con soluciones de limpieza para anteojos.

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