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• Crece la presión sobre las naciones del G20 para que las vacunas Covid lleguen a los pobres

Blog # 64 Oct 31, 2021 at 9:40:00 AM

• Pressure Grows on G20 Nations to Get Covid Vaccines to the Poor

– The world’s leaders are focusing on preventing future pandemics, but experts say rich nations are not doing enough to help the poor survive the current one.

-From the opening moments of the Group of 20 summit on Saturday, the leaders of the world’s largest economies wanted to send a strong message about ending the coronavirus pandemic: During an unconventional group photograph, they were joined on the dais by doctors in white coats and first responders from the Italian Red Cross.

But as the leaders gathered to discuss plans to protect against future pandemics, health experts and activists expressed concerns that the world’s richest nations were still not doing enough to help people in poor nations survive the current one.


My 2 cents opinion:
Affluent countries should help poor nations. It is in their best interest to keep as many people as possible virus-free. Los países ricos deberían ayudar a las naciones pobres. Lo mejor para ellos es mantener a la mayor cantidad posible de personas libres de virus.

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