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• ¿BIPOC o POC? Equidad o Igualdad? El debate sobre el lenguaje de la izquierda.

BLOG # 68 Nov 1, 2021 at 9:13:15 AM

• BIPOC or POC? Equity or Equality? The Debate Over Language on the Left.


– For those pushing for changes in society on race and other issues, words matter. They can also muddle.

-In California, a Black college freshman from the South is telling a story about his Latino friends from home when he is interrupted by a white classmate. “We say ‘Latinx’ here,” he recalls her saying, using a term he had not heard before, “because we respect trans people.”

In Philadelphia, Emma Blackson challenges her white neighbor’s assertion that Black children misbehave in school more than others. “It’s just my implicit bias,” the neighbor offers, saying that she had recently learned the phrase.

In Chicago, Kelsey O’Donnell, 31, wonders why colleagues and friends have suddenly started saying “BIPOC,” an acronym that encompasses individuals who are Black, Indigenous or other people of color. Where had it come from? “There was really nobody to ask,” says Ms. O’Donnell, who is white. “It was just, ‘This is what we say now.’”

Americans have always wrestled with language when it comes to describing race, with phrases and vocabulary changing to meet the struggles and values of the moment. But especially in the wake of last summer’s protests for social justice, there is a heightened attention to this language, say scholars and activists, as some on the left try to advance changes in the culture through words.


My 2 cents opinion:
I always welcome discussion on the language of equality and identity. Meditating on the meaning of these new terms for observed social phenomena is informative. It helps me understand what I am reading or listening to. Siempre es bienvenido el debate sobre el lenguaje de la igualdad y la identidad. Meditar sobre el significado de estos nuevos términos para los fenómenos sociales observados es informativo. Me ayuda a comprender lo que estoy leyendo o escuchando.

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