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Cuando el alcalde Bill de Blasio anunció en marzo un plan para gastar decenas de millones de dólares para ayudar a los taxistas de Nueva York, muchos elogiaron la medida.

• BLOG # 69 Nov 1, 2021 at 8:41:44 AM

When Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in March a plan to spend tens of millions of dollars to help New York’s taxi drivers, many praised the move.

– For years, officials had stood by as cabbies were channeled into exploitative loans that crushed them under mountains of debt. Finally, it seemed, the city was fixing an injustice.

-But an influential group of drivers is now urging recipients not to accept the city’s help, pressing for a more ambitious — and expensive — bailout in a fight that has escalated into a hunger strike. Bhairavi Desai, the head of the group, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, said she and a dozen others stopped eating on Oct. 20 to push the city into offering more aid.

T“We’re not backing down,” Ms. Desai said.

Mr. de Blasio, whose relief effort recently began handing out modest grants to help drivers negotiate with lenders to reduce their loans, has not budged from that plan, despite pressure from the city’s entire congressional delegation and Senator Chuck Schumer, the majority leader, to increase the assistance.


My 2 cents opinion:
These workers were ubiquitous in New York City, now you don’t see as many even in Manhattan. The Uber’s and Lyft’s cars have taken over with the help of city officials. Cabs were duped into buying overpriced medallion licenses that would allow them to make a living, now with the new competition, they are in ruin. I tried to drive a public passenger vehicle when I was much younger, it is a challenging life everyday. Estos trabajadores eran omnipresentes en la ciudad de Nueva York, ahora no se ven tantos ni siquiera en Manhattan. Los autos de Uber y Lyft se han hecho cargo con la ayuda de los funcionarios de la ciudad. Los taxistas fueron engañados para que compraran licencias medallion sobrevaloradas que les permitirían ganarse la vida, ahora con la nueva competencia, están en ruinas. Traté de conducir un vehículo público de pasajeros cuando era mucho más joven, es una vida desafiante todos los días.

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