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‘Hallazgo alarmante’: el 30 por ciento de los republicanos dicen que la violencia puede ser necesaria para salvar a EE. UU., Muestra una encuesta

• BLOG # 71 Nov 1, 2021 at 8:53:16 AM

‘Alarming finding’: 30 percent of Republicans say violence may be needed to save U.S., poll shows


– Almost one-third of Republicans say they think violence may be necessary to solve the problems facing the United States,

-According to a new national survey by the nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute. The finding is part of PRRI’s 12th annual American Values Survey released Monday which, among other things, highlights the continued impact of the same falsehoods and conspiracy theories that fueled the violent Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol nearly one year later.

The survey was conducted between Sept. 16 and Sept. 29 through online interviews with a random sample of 2,508 adults living in all 50 states. Nearly one in five, or 18 percent, of overall respondents said they agreed with the statement: “Because things have gotten so far off track, true American patriots may have to resort to violence in order to save our country,” including 30 percent of Republicans, 11 percent of Democrats and 17 percent of independents.

“It is an alarming finding,” said Robert Jones, CEO and founder of PRRI. “I’ve been doing this a while, for decades, and it’s not the kind of finding that as a sociologist, a public opinion pollster, that you’re used to seeing.”

Overall, the responses to this question illustrate the “significant and rapidly increasing polarization in the United States,” he said.


My 2 cents opinion:
This keeps me up at night, although Republicans with those views are a small minority, they can cause a lot of damage as we have already noted.
Esto me mantiene despierto por la noche, aunque los republicanos con esos puntos de vista son una pequeña minoría, pueden causar mucho daño, como ya hemos señalado.

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