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Las muertes globales por Covid alcanzan los 5 millones a medida que la pandemia cobra un precio asombroso

BLOG # 72 Nov 1, 2021 at 8:59:32 AM

Global Covid deaths hit 5 million as pandemic takes staggering toll


– There have been 5,000,425 Covid-19 related deaths recorded across the globe, according to Johns Hopkins University data Monday.

-The total number of Covid cases and deaths are increasing around the world, albeit at a slower pace than in previous periods in the pandemic.

It comes as concerns increase in recent months

about a rise in infections, hospitalizations and deaths as winter approaches.


My 2 cents opinion:
This also keeps me worried. Millions have died from the virus, worldwide, and yet thousands living in a developed nation refuse to protect themselves and others from infection by vaccinating.

Esto también me preocupa. Millones de personas han muerto a causa del virus en todo el mundo y, sin embargo, miles de personas que viven en una nación desarrollada se niegan a protegerse a sí mismos y a los demás de la infección mediante la vacunación.

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