BLOG # 73 Nov 2, 2021 at 8:22:04 AM

BLOG # 73 Nov 2, 2021 at 8:22:04 AM

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El proyecto de ley de los demócratas cubriría a los adultos pobres sin seguro, hasta cierto punto

BLOG # 73 Nov 2, 2021 at 8:22:04 AM

Democrats’ Bill Would Cover Poor Uninsured Adults, Up to a Point


– The $1.85 trillion social policy bill would provide free private health insurance for more than two million adults locked out of coverage, but only for four years.

-After giving up on their goal of creating a new Medicaid program to cover two million poor adults, Democrats are aiming to provide them with free private coverage as part of the party’s social policy bill. But there is a catch: The benefits would last only four years.

Even with that expiration date, the legislation cannot come fast enough for people like Evelyn Davis, who suffered two heart attacks and has high blood pressure and diabetes. A former home health care aide, she lost coverage when she got divorced two years ago. She has chest pains and heart palpitations but said she cannot afford to see a cardiologist.

“If I can’t get any medicine, I just get Tylenol PM when I sleep,” Ms. Davis, 63, said, “and just pray to God when I wake up that I won’t be in pain.”


My 2 cents opinion:
It is amazing how hard it is for even elected “progressive” U.S. presidents to pass legislation that would protect citizens from unanticipated catastrophe.

Es asombroso lo difícil que es incluso para los presidentes estadounidenses “progresistas” electos aprobar una legislación que proteja a los ciudadanos de una catástrofe inesperada.

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